Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

December 3, 2015
Thanksgiving Day and more...
Saguaro Co-op in Benson, AZ

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner in the clubhouse on Thanksgiving.  There were 6 different tables and we sat with table 3 which means we had Thanksgiving with about 130 people.  We had 22 people on our table that each brought a dish so we had 22 different dishes to stuff ourselves with.  Carol Bezdeka cooked the turkey, stuffing and did gravy.  Here are the folks we celebrated with (less one couple I missed getting a picture).  

Chuck Devine and Roxanne Stewart

Debbie and Doug Eckart

Pete and Anne-Marie Arnold

Lynn and David Cross

Tom and Carol Bezdeka 
(Our Escapee Mom & Dad.  The reason we spent Thanksgiving in Benson, AZ)

Ron and Shirley Pate

Addie and Bob Fife (they are on the lot next to us)

Donna and Dave Esslinger (Bob & Pat King's relatives)

Pat and Bob King are 2 lots down the road from us.

While in Benson we got a few chances to get together with Don and Sharon Del Rosario.  They are staying on the base in Tucson while Don goes through Physical Therapy and Dialysis.  He is making a fantastic recovery after suffering a stoke while undergoing a heart bi-pass operation.  They are working on getting a portable dialysis set-up in their RV so they can go back to life on the road.

We arrived in Yuma on Saturday the 28th and have set up for our 3-4 month stay at Cocopah RV and Golf Resort.  We took a trip across the border to Algadonas with Kay and Steve Krasovetz to check out the dental services available.  We also enjoyed a margarita and lunch.  There is 3 square blocks of dentists, pharmacies, eye doctors and all the merchandise you imagine just a walk across the Mexican Border.

Another fun thing to do in Yuma is the traditional Wednesday afternoon movie and early dinner with the Escapees Boomer group.  We didn't get to the movie this Wednesday because Becky was golfing but we did catch up with them at Hamburger and Beer for dinner.  There are lots of Boomer in Yuma and we will be enjoying some of the activities with them.

Becky signed up with the Ladies 18-hole golf group and will be playing on Wednesday mornings with them.  It is computer picked so she will be getting new golf partners each week.  She is hoping to find more games and play at least 3 times a week.  Monday will be a Ladies and Men's 18-hole mixer scramble.  There are lots of events to sign up for as well as clinics with the golf pro.

Today Kay Krasovetz and Becky went for a Mani/Pedi.  To get in the mood for Christmas, she had snowflakes painted onto my toenails.  It is hard to get into the Christmas spirt when it is sunny and 70 degrees.

If we don't get another Blog out before Christmas, we wish you all a Happy Holidays from Yuma, Arizona.
Becky and Lonnie